America's Health Care Debate

             The health care debate currently going in the United States is a joke.  Most of the Senators are already in the pockets of insurance companies. Every Senator that is working for the insurance companies and not the America public should not be re-elected when their current term ends. Let them go and work for the insurance companies that they represent.

            The Public Option should be include in this plan because it will force the insurance company to finally do the right thing for the American people and not just for their investors. We must remember that those fake Senators up in Washington works for us, at least they are suppose to. It is time for America to join the rest of the industrialize nations and provide free health care for all of its citizens. Stop all the Bull Shit!!!

            I urge President Obama not to settle for just some water down health Care Plan that does not resemble anything that he first proposed. Tell Congress to get off their fat ass and to give the America people only the very best Health Care Plan. Work for the American people and not the insurance companies.