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Death and Dying

Posted by David Laster on Thursday, March 18, 2010,

                                                         Death and Dying

        I have always been fascinated by this subject. It is a subject that each of us must deal with one day. It is a subject that families everywhere must face and deal with all the time. Being in my fifties, I sometimes wonder how many years do I have left and will I finish all of the work that I have undone. I think many times we take life for granite or think some people will never die. I believe I thought that abo...

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Job Hunter's Tips....

Posted by David Laster on Tuesday, January 26, 2010,
January 25, 2010 The Career News Vol. 10, Issue 04

The Latest News, Tips and Tools For Your Career

Job search engines help streamline your job search
Abridged: NetMaxx

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Most economists believe the economy will begin generating jobs within the next few months. Revised figures showed that the economy added 4,000 jobs in November - the first month of job gains since the recession began. The economy has been growing since the middle of 2009, and the...

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Health Care

Posted by David Laster on Friday, December 18, 2009,

                                                 America's Health Care Debate

             The health care debate currently going in the United States is a joke.  Most of the Senators are already in the pockets of insurance companies. Every Senator that is working for the insurance companies and not the America public should not be re-elected when their current term ends. Let them go and work for the insurance companies that they represent.

            The Public Option should be include i...

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Here are my Addition and Subtraction Numbers for the week of Sunday November 08, 2009!!!

Posted by David Laster on Sunday, November 8, 2009,
Cash 3...079-081-154-872-620-380-822-571-429-573-034-966-036-811-189-155-176-804-004-055-945-801-715-285-131-629-371-325-269-731-707-217-783-579-085-915-679-234-766-050...Cash 4...9079-5081-6154-3872-1620-8380-3822-0571-9429-0573-9034-0966-5036-3811-6189-6155-6176-3804-9004-9055-9055-4945-3801-2715-7285-6131-1629-8371-8325-7269-2731-2707-7217-2783-0579-9085-0915-1679-7234-2766-9050. 
Here are the Run Down Numbers!!!

Cash 3...112-223-334-345-456-567-678-789-900-001-850-961-072-972-083-194-305-4...

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Here are the Addition and Subtraction Numbers for the week of Sunday November 01, 2009!!!!

Posted by David Laster on Sunday, November 1, 2009,
Cash 3...247-797-260-740-882-317-683-373-754-246-134-528-472-540-502-498-306-842-158-004-067-189-322-678-204-333-667-619-665-335-109-826-174-838-162-970-124-560...Cash 4...7247-2797-7260-2740-3882-8317-1683-8373-2754-7246-6134-0528-9472-0540-0502-9498-8306-3842-6158-9004-9067-6189-8322-1678-8322-1678-7204-8333-1667-1619-1665-8335-6109-3826-6174-3838-4970-6124-0560. Play these numbers across the board in all states. Good Luck !!! mrlottery15

Here are the Run Down Numbers!!!

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Winning Numbers from mrlottery15!!!

Posted by David Laster on Sunday, October 25, 2009,

Here are special selected numbers!

                   Cash 3


                  Cash 4


***These numbers for any and all states!!!

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Special Selected Numbers from mrlottery15

Posted by David Laster on Sunday, October 11, 2009,

169-196-641-644-664-222-333-235-245-253-254...Play Across the Board In All States!!!!

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How To Make BIG Money ... Blogging!!!

Posted by David Laster on Friday, July 31, 2009,
Hi David,

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The good news ... he's sharing hi...
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St Vincent Network Marketing Blog

Posted by David Laster on Monday, June 29, 2009,
The purpose of this blog to provide help information to aid all in their quest to reach their goals in this vast internet marketing world. It is my hope that the information is found to be very useful to all that read it.
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